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Mr Mrinal Saharay Ph.D,FRCS

Consultant General Surgeon

Dedicated to clinical excellence

Appointment/ Information

PA / Nurse: Chrissie Turner
Tel: 07554 993061

​Manager: Bernadette Murray
Tel: 07921 456892

1. Where can I see Mr. Saharay and how do I make an appointment?

Mr. Saharay is available for Private consultation at The Spire Hartswood Hospital, Nuffield Brentwood Hospital, The Spire Roding Hospital, The Rivers Hospital and The Harley Street Clinic at Queens Hospital.
To make an appointment, please ring your preferred hospital directly. Alternatively, you can ring Mrs. Chrissie Turner on 07554993061 or Mrs. Bernadette Murray on 07921456892 or send an email to

2. What information do I need to provide?

You will need to provide your full name, date of birth, contact details, details of your GP, your insurance details if you are insured and your credit card details for any charges you may incur.

3. What do I need to bring with me to the consultation?

You need to bring a referral letter from your GP if one has not been sent already along with your insurance details including pre-authorisation number if applicable.

4. What happens if I need any tests/investigations?

The paperwork for any tests/investigations will be given to you at the consultation and you will be able to arrange these through reception or the nursing staff. If you are insured, your insurance company will cover the cost depending on the type of policy you have so it is best to check with them. If you are uninsured, please request for details of the cost before the tests are undertaken.

5. How am I charged for services?

Charges are payable to Essex Surgical Practice for the Consultation but in addition, there may be charges payable to the hospital if any procedure is undertaken in the out-patient department as part of the consultation. Invoices are raised within 24 hours of the consultation and are payable within 30 days. We are happy to invoice your insurer’s directly on your behalf if you are insured, but you would be liable for any excess or if the insurer’s refuse to pay, as the contract for payment for services provided is between you and Essex Surgical Practice and not with your insurer’s. Our charges are in accordance with most major insurer’s permittable fee schedule and you will not incur any shortfall.

6. How do I settle my invoice or any excess on my policy?

Please send a cheque made to “Essex Surgical Practice” and post it to the address below. 10 Lower Bury Lane, Epping Essex CM16 5HA

7. Whom do I contact if I have any queries or need further information?

Please contact the hospital directly or Mrs. Chrissie Turner on 07544993061 or Mrs. Bernadette Murray on 07921456892 or by email

8. If I require surgery, how is it booked?

At the consultation, you will be given a choice of likely dates which are suitable for you. You will need to liaise with Mrs. Lynn Richards who will confirm arrangements and the hospital will also contact you.

9. How do I obtain a fixed price quote for an operation?

If you are not insured, it is sensible to obtain a fixed price quote for the operation prior to surgery. The price quoted is a one-off inclusive charge which includes the surgeons and the anesthetist’s fee, the hospital charges and one post-operative out-patient follow up visit. Any additional procedure or hospital stay in case of complications arising from surgery is covered by the price quoted and you will not incur any additional cost. Please ring Mrs. Chrissie Turner on 07554993061 to obtain a fixed price quote. Please note that the full charge will be payable to the hospital directly before you are admitted for surgery. This price does not include your initial consultation with the surgeon or any subsequent follow-up appointment after the first post-operative visit.

10. Will I be provided with any instructions at discharge from the hospital?

Yes, you will be provided with relevant information at discharge from the hospital. You will also be provided with a medical certificate if you require for your employers and a follow-up appointment will be made.

11. How do I arrange to follow up appointments?

You can make a follow-up appointment by ringing the hospital directly or by contacting Mrs. Chrissie Turner on 07554993061 or by email to

12. If I am unhappy, how do I complain?

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality clinical service and patient satisfaction. If for any reason we fall short of your expectation, please contact us on 07554993061 / 07921456892 or email or the relevant hospital directly and we will endeavor to do whatever is necessary for a satisfactory resolution.