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Haemorrhoid Surgery In Essex
Haemorrhoids or Piles are engorged and prominent blood vessels just inside the back passage (anus). They cause fresh bright red bleeding when a motion is passed. They can cause itching and irritation around the anus and can cause discomfort and pain when they are advanced and prolapse through the anus.

Rectal bleeding can be due to other sinister causes [Haemorrhoids] (colon cancer / colonic polyps) and should never be ignored. You are advised to consult your general practitioner who will discuss your symptoms and refer you for further specialised tests as necessary.

There are varying degrees of severity of haemorrhoids. Early haemorrhoids (internal haemorrhoids) are treated with dietary advice to avoid constipation along with injections or banding of the haemorrhoids. These procedures are performed in an outpatient setting and are only associated with minor discomfort.

Advanced haemorrhoids (external haemorrhoids) are treated by an operation. We perform the latest technique to treat haemorrhoids called a procedure for prolapse and haemorrhoids (PPH/circular stapled haemorrhoidectomy). The operation is performed using a special staple gun under a spinal anaesthetic (an injection into the back). This operation is less painful than a traditional haemorrhoidectomy and most patients are home within few hours with simple painkillers. A detailed information sheet regarding the operation will be provided prior to the operation.

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